Because the company-specific requirements in practice often only can
be solved individually, we develop concepts that are specially optimized
for the demands of our customers. In addition to our standard programs
MMS 44 and MMS 55 there is a large number of Kemmler + Riehle
system-components in the product-line workstations.

Some versions of our desk- and box tables are offered as standard tables.
The options in these tables range from material and dimension of the
tabletop through the adjustability of table height and footrest to the
choice of an equipment exchange plate. At customer's request, the
worktables can be supplied as conductive (ESD) or as cleanroom com-
patible version.

For the customized storage of tools and materials at the workplace we
are able to choose from a wide assortment of drawer units, base units,
tool pullouts and -deposits as well as rails for tool carts. To provide the
workpieces and consumables, swivel- and storage shelves, suspension
rails, etc. are used.

To supply the workplace with light, electricity and compressed air, we

have the appropriate workplace luminaires, power strips and air distributors.

According to the customer specific requirements an individual planning is
needed. For implementing complex tasks our experience in the field special
machines is needed.

The number of variants in the range of workplaces is almost infinite.
According to the intended use, our worktables have been developed and
realized for example for the following applications:

  • Assembly workplaces
  • Packaging workstations
  • Measuring and testing workstations
  • Deburring workstations
  • Sandblast workplaces
  • Cleaning workstations
  • Welding workplaces
  • Others