In-house exhibition 2019

In-house exhibition on 11 October 2019



The first KEMMLER + RIEHLE in-house exhibition is history.

We feel it was a success and our decision "in-house exhibition instead of Motek" was a good way.

111 visitors saw our production facilites in operation and were introduced to our products and their application. We had nice encounters, interesting conversations and the atmosphere was excellent. The event was completed by our culinary offerings.

During our 'connector elements assembly challenge' ambitious battles took place, but always with a smiling eye. The winners achieved fabulous, electronic measured assembly times:

   1. place (ipad): Stefan Weissig, Daimler AG; in 16:46 seconds
   2. place (headphones): Mathieu Vivé, Daimler AG; in 16:54 seconds
   3. place (100€-voucher): Andreas Sawatzki, Prakesch Zerspanungstechnik GmbH; in 18:54 seconds

The KEMMLER + RIEHLE Team enjoyed the event. Thank's to everybody who participated!

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