Flow Racks

Flow Racks

The flow racks of Kemmler + Riehle are an essential component in the material supply.

According to the parts and the workplace where the parts are to be provided, the configuration of the flow rack is designed. 

The options are defined as follows:

  • Size and load capacity of the base frame
  • Number and inclination angles of the roller track levels
  • Version of the roller tracks (conveyor rollers or plastic rollers with carrier profile made of aluminum or steel sheet)
  • Configuration of the side guides and shelves (adjustable or permanently mounted)
  • Electrical conductivity (ESD or non-conductive)
  • Height adjustability of the shelf levels
  • Variant of the roller rail supports (aluminum profile or round tube)
  • Drivability of the shelf (rollers or adjustable feet)


Also for the interfaces to and from the flow rack, we have the right solutions. So the delivery of the parts and carriers can, for example, be realized by a tugger train system with automatic part transfer.



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